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Portable Air Conditioners Sales and Rentals

When you need a portable air conditioner, KBPortableAir is your single source for portable air conditioning equipment. Our air-cooled and water-cooled portable air conditioners, available for rental or purchase, provide a wide range of cooling options from spot cooling applications to ceiling mounted units to skid/trailer mounted air conditioners for commercial applications and special events.

Our portable cooling equipment includes our Mobile Cool Series for large area cooling and our MOVINCool Series for spot cooling. Suitable applications for our Mobile Cool Series portable A/C units include tents & special events, process cooling, aerospace & aviation, motion picture industry and more. Suitable applications for our MOVINCool Series spot coolers include server/telecom, healthcare, offices/schools, outdoor events and more.

We offer a full range of mobile air conditioning equipment; choose from these complete lines of products:

Air-Cooled | Skid/Trailer Mounted


Markets Served:

Industrial   |   Special Events   |   Commercial   |   Construction   |   Military

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